#SHSHtravel: Thanksgiving in Amsterdam, Netherlands

We went to Amsterdam for a quick, in-and-out kind of vacation over Thanksgiving weekend. Ryo and I traveled with my brother and our friend Rob. When we got there, we met up with two other friends for a day. The weekend was a cold, but we bundled up and wandered the city each day to take […]

#SHSHtravel: Big Island, Hawaii


In this #SHSHtravel post, we are talking Hawaii — the Big Island in particular. Ryo and I joke all the time that we are bad at relaxing on vacation and this trip was no different. There are always so many people to see, places to go and mountains to climb! My top three on this trip were… Hiking […]

#SHSHtravel: Kyoto, Tokyo, Okinawa and more

I’m back and [finally] free of all jet lag symptoms. Before too much time passes, I wanted to share some highlights from our trip including my travel snacks, workouts and sightseeing activities. Prepping for a big trip is one of my favorite activities. In 2016, we went to Hawaii, the Pacific Northwest and escaped Boston […]

#SHSHtravel: Vancouver, Seattle, Portland

travel, pnw

June’s vacation was magical. Last year we road-tripped down the California coast. This time we took on the Pacific Northwest. What I loved most about the PNW: Nature is so accessible. Fresh air and beautiful landscapes are only a short drive or bike ride away from downtown. It’s incredible. Here are some highlights from the trip! […]

#SHSHtravel: Our California Roadtrip

california, travel

We had a GREAT time in California! We lucked out with the weather because not only did we escape superstorm Juno, but Cali temps were in the 60s and 70s the whole trip (except a few chilly nights) and we didn’t encounter any rain (except for one afternoon while driving through Beverly Hills). Our trip took […]