A gratitude exercise and gratitude yoga sequence

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My heart is full. As many of you know, I teach a virtual yoga class every Monday night at 8:30pm via DanceFIT Studio. I’ve been teaching in this time slot for a few (four?!) years now, and anytime I think about giving it up… I immediately get a pit in my stomach. This group of […]

20-minute cardio kickboxing workout: Video and playlist

Up on Boston Magazine this month is a 20-minute cardio kickboxing workout. It’s perfect for those cold, snowy Boston days when you want to sweat but don’t want to go outside. You don’t need any equipment for this workout — heck, you don’t even need shoes. Get the write up here, see me demo the moves in the […]

Full camel pose: Benefits and tips

Some of my yoga classes are only 45 minutes. That’s not nearly enough time to explain poses and their benefits in detail. My series of yoga blog posts aims to help you deepen your practice by teaching how to come into the pose. You’ll also learn how the pose benefits your body and mind. Full camel pose: Benefits […]

25-minute, no-equipment cardio workout

Up on Boston Magazine this month is a 25-minute cardio workout complete with rockin’ playlist and a explanatory video demoing the moves. It’s one of those do-anywhere kind of workouts. You don’t need a mat, you don’t even need shoes. Get the full right up here. Not looking for a new workout? Gawk the playlist for […]

This yoga routine will get your through a day of travel

Up on Boston Magazine is a yoga routine for your layover at the airport, pitstop at the rest stop or long wait time at the bus station. This routine was tried and tested on my trip to Amsterdam over Thanksgiving. I was at the Iceland airport and didn’t get any weird glare, promise. (Well, except from […]