Chocolate protein cookies: Breakfast, snack or dessert

I’m all about making dessert healthy (most of you know that already). These chocolate protein cookies are a great between-meal, pre-workout, post-workout or post-dinner treat. Honest talk: Make a double batch if you lack that “eats chocolate in moderation” gene. The recipe below makes 8-10 protein cookies. I found myself eating three per sitting. Chocolate […]

Healthy breakfast skillet: Inspired by a trip to the Catskills

Healthy breakfast skillet, anyone? My most recent Boston Magazine recipe is up and this dish isn’t just nice to look at… it’s deliciously satisfying as well. The recipe was inspired by my recent trip to the Phoenicia Diner nestled in the Catskill Mountains in southeastern New York. The diner serves up local, seasonal eats at their […]

Gluten-free smoothie bar recipes: chocolate and vanilla

The amazing Jenny Hanway introduced me to smoothie bars. Her recipe features all kinds of superfoods like vegan protein and tigernut flour. My special addition is a gluten-free crust. As the temps rise here in Boston, these bars make for a great breakfast or dessert. Heck, us New Englanders would eat these in the winter too. I’ll […]

Raw carrot cake balls

I love making truffles, balls and bites. During a recent Boston snow day, I make Lexi’s Clean Kitchen cookie bars with a carrot cake spin (which she shares in her cookbook). They were so yummy, I started scheming about turing these into bites. So, I present to you my raw carrot cake balls! The ginger adds […]

Easy, healthy pancakes from Birch Benders

Looking for a simple, easy weekend breakfast? These cakes from micro-pancakery Birch Benders take easy to a whole other level. I’m no stranger to the “easy, healthy pancakes.” One of my go-to weekend breakfasts is a stack of protein pancakes made with mashed banana, egg and a scoop of protein powder. You’ll also find me whipping up […]