Chickpea cookie dough balls

Trying to be upfront here… yes, there are chickpeas in these. I’m always intrigued by those healthy, “secret ingredient” cookie dough dips. When I was thinking about what to make as a treat for my first Kilimanjaro fundraiser at Wayfair, I knew some kind of truffle or ball needed to be on the menu. After […]

Hint-of-chocolate granola

Adding to chocolate makes [almost] everything better. Like most granola recipes, this one is very customizable. The first few ingredients in the list are required, but then choose between: Honey vs. maple syrup Chia seeds vs. flaxseed Some combination of nuts (my pick is 1/4 cup almonds, 1/4 cup sunflower seeds) My meal prep folks got […]

A gratitude exercise and gratitude yoga sequence

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My heart is full. As many of you know, I teach a virtual yoga class every Monday night at 8:30pm via DanceFIT Studio. I’ve been teaching in this time slot for a few (four?!) years now, and anytime I think about giving it up… I immediately get a pit in my stomach. This group of […]

Roasted Winter Vegetable Salad

Snow storm is a comin’ here in Boston. If you’re [frantically] heading to the market today, add some winter or root vegetables to your list. This roasted winter vegetable salad eases you out of winter and into a salad-filled spring. It’s the perfect comfort meal for a chilly day. Take note: I also shared the roasted veggie […]

Changes: Job, hair, apartment, adventure

emily, yoga, greyson, black and white

Change is scary. But, when we embrace change, we can thrive. The most transformative moments of our lives is during times of change and transition. Like the trapeze artist flying from one trapeze to the other… transitory moments are “a time of danger, of expectation, of uncertainty, of excitement, or extraordinary aliveness.” Last week I left […]