30-Minute HIIT Workout + Playlist

Since I’m not teaching classes at the moment, I’ve gotten used to at-home HIIT workouts. HIIT (short for high-intensity interval training) is a great way to get your heart rate up and break a sweat. Another perk of HIIT workouts is that they are proven to burn more fat and calories in a shorter amount of time when compared to steady-state exercise (like jogging, the elliptical, biking, etc.).

Some days I’ll do a MoveWith audio workout and other days I’ll open up my 8fit app (I work there, after all).  However, most days I freestyle.

30-Minute HIIT Workout + Playlist

Below is one of those freestyle workouts set to music. First things first, follow my HIIT Beats playlist on Spotify. Each song has two exercises associated with it. Rotate through 8-16 reps of each exercise before switching to the other. Keep switching back and forth until the song is over, pausing for short rests if needed.

The moves

The goal is to follow the beat of the music and enjoy. Press play and get started!

Warm up /  D.Y.T. (Do Your Thing)

  1. Jump ropes
  2. Jumping jacks
  3. Basic squats

Legs / The Middle

  1. Squat to reverse lunge (r), squat to reverse lunge (l)
  2. Plank with 2 shoulder taps, then 2 leg lifts

Cardio / BOOM

  1. Front kick (r) and lunge (l) foot back, then step back to planks and back up to stand
  2. Fast feet

Cardio / House Party

  1. Squat and jump feet together/apart/together/apart, then do 1 burpee

Cardio / Need It All

  1. Start in plank, left leg (r) and bring (r) knee to (r) elbow (do left side next time)
  2. Push-ups

Cardio / Nuh Ready Nuh Ready

  1. Come into a sumo squat and go up/down/up/down, then side crunch to (r) twice (then do the left side)
  2. Pulse in sumo squat

Cardio / Get It Right

  1. Squat walks, two (r) and two (l)  (*add a resistance band!)
  2. High knees

High Cardio / Get It

  1. 4 mountain climbers, 2 plank jacks
  2. 4 high knees, 2 jumping jacks

Arms / Stir Fry (*do what you want for this one!)

  1. 8 arm pulses with palms up, 8 pulses with palms down
  2. 8 pulses with palms front, 8 pulses with pals down

Core / Feels Great (*do what you want for this one!)

Glutes / Cool (*do what you want for this one!)

  1. 8 glute bridges, 8 pulses at the top
  2. 8 bridges with (r) leg lifted, 8 bridges with (l) leg lifted

Stretch / Say Something  (*do what you want for this one!)

Moving to the beat of the music is a great way to guide you through a HIIT workout and help you keep tempo. Of course, you’re welcome to push faster or move slower than the beat but do your best to stick to it at first. 

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