My Love Letter to Boston

Dear Boston,

I love you. I love the people I have met, the opportunities I have been given, and the impact I have made. I grew up south of Boston, I went to school west of Boston, and I have now lived in Boston for five, extremely formative years. I am so grateful for my community here, the amazing humans I’ve met, and the incredible experiences I’ve had, but… it’s time to move on.

I’m heading to Berlin, Germany. Yes, I said Germany. The move feels so right — professionally, wanderlust-fully, and romantically. But, to be clear, I’m not moving for a change of scenery, I’m not moving for a boy, and I’m not moving for a job. The Universe spoke, and this is what my soul needs.

Don’t roll your eyes at the sight of the word, “Universe.” I did just pick up Gabby Bernstein’s The Universe Has Your Back again (buy it!), but that’s not the reason for all of this Universe talk. You know when something just feels right? Maybe it’s for a fleeting moment. Maybe it’s during a long embrace with someone. Or, maybe it’s when things just fall into place effortlessly. This move — the culmination of everything that feels right — is the reason I said, “HELL, YES!” to Berlin. The Universe spoke and it’s what my soul has been longing for.

The Job

Can we talk about dream companies? I’m going to be working as a content editor/writer/developer/strategist at 8fit, a health and fitness app. It’s a startup based in Berlin and available in the U.S. The app is filled with workouts, recipes and so much more. The role is new and so is the team I am on. I can’t wait to make an impact on this company and THRIVE.

The Boy

My S/O has been working in Berlin for a few months now. He signed on for a 6 month stint there with his company, but will be extending his stay since we both love the city (and the idea of Europtrippin’ on long weekends). After we made the decision to extend his stay, I started looking into job/teaching/freelance opportunities in Berlin and found 8fit. It happened fast. Real fast.

The City

Berlin is amazing and doesn’t fit the “German” stereotype. The food is great with a lot of healthy options, vegan options, and Asian options (which you guys know I’m all about). It’s a hip city and still going through what feels like a “rebuilding” phase — or “finding-its-true-idenity” phase. The people are kind. The art is scene is great. And, it seems like fitness options are plentiful ( — I’ll keep you posted on that). Plus, We’ll be able to easily travel to all of the European cities we are longing to visit.

I’ve been itchin’ for a change for a while. I’ve been in Boston for 5 years, at UMass Amherst for 4 years before that, and south of Boston 18 years before that. What I’ve learned about myself in the past 5 is that I thrive in times of change — those times when schedules, routines, and life all need reorganizing. Also, I grow stronger when things are a little complicated or difficult… and, I love that feeling.

There are some things I’ll miss. Ok, there are a lot of things I’ll miss. Here they are in no particular order:

  • My family, esp. my siblings
  • My friends
  • The Kick It By Eliza crew
  • EveryBodyFights and my Fight Fam
  • DanceFIT Studio virtual yoga on Monday nights
  • Outdoor fitness class in the summertime
  • Driving down Storrow Drive*
  • The ocean
  • Hustling through Downtown Boston
  • The Minuteman Bikeway
  • Unexpected long rides on the MBTA**

*I will not miss the general act of driving in Boston. I will just miss this pretty drive that sometimes has zero traffic early on a weekend morning or late on a weekday night.

**That last one is a joke. 

There are a lot of other things I will miss. But, Boston will always be home. I’ll be back before anyone starts to miss me. Goodbye for now, Boston. 

T-minus one week until departure.


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  1. Emily, we will miss you but also look forward to following you on your adventure!