Healthy Greek Chickpea Salad

New on Boston Magazine this month is a healthy, satisfying Greek chickpea salad. This was inspired by a recent trip to Whole Foods. I know it’s a bad idea to go to the grocery store hungry… but, sometimes it just happens. On this particular trip, my hunger motivated me to purchase feta cheese and Greek olives. The olives were something I opened immediately upon getting into the car to drive home (some of you might’ve caught that on Instagram).

As I drove and popped olives in my mouth, I thought, “Self control, Emily. Have a few and then start thinking about what to do with them.” My lunches had started to get boring, so I turned my attention there. I like to eat mostly clean and vegetarian through the week (because it makes me feel good), so I thought… chickpeas, olives, tomatoes, feta.


What is your favorite go-to salad? Do you have a mason jar salad recipe you turn to often? Tell me in the comments below!

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