Modern Map Art + Happy to be Home

While I still absorb everything that happened across the pond and up the mountain in Africa, I wanted to share some things I love about Boston:

  • The sea breeze and fresh air
  • Drinkable tap water
  • Seeing the people I love
  • Fitness options that aren’t climbing a mountain 
  • Small luxuries found in my bathroom 

Don’t get me wrong, I loved being in Kenya and Tanzania experiencing everything those worlds had to offer. But after a long two days of travel, I’m so grateful for the simple pleasures my home city — and bathroom — has to offer. 

Because I love this home of mine so much, I’ve been on the search for an affordable, quality piece of map art to hang on my wall. Recently, I stumbled on Modern Map Art — well, they stumbled on me and sent an amazing map of Boston.

I’m so satisfied with the print I got in the mail. The quality is amazing and it’s going to look great on the wall in a beautiful wood frame. 

Looking for art like this for Boston or your favorite city? Check out Modern Map Art’s Etsy and Instagram page. 

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