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Mt. Kilimanjaro Packing List: Part 1

I’m leaving for Africa in… 1 week! Ah! I’m starting to get really excited for this adventure — an adventure that is 100% out of my comfort zone. Disclaimer: That photo is from Hawaii, on a day we felt like we were in Africa.

Yes, I hike sometimes. And, yes, I’ve camped here and there. But, I’ve never been to Africa or done an overnight hiking trip like this. I’m also traveling to a far away place without my #1 travel buddy (Ryo) for the first time. Nerves and packing anxiety aside… this is a once in a lifetime experience. I’m so grateful to be given this opportunity.

I’m climbing on behalf of Flying Kites. Flying Kites runs a competitive primary school for vulnerable students Njabini, Kenya. Their team of teachers and tutors strive to create an academic culture of excellence, while emphasizing issues of social justice. Since opening their doors in 2007,Β Flying Kites has been on a journey to ignite the potential of orphaned and critically-poor children in Kenya. During the first few days of our stay, we will spend time at the Flying Kites school where the children help plan our activities. My heart.

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Here are some of the goodies I’m bringing… in video form! Comment below with some of your favorite natural hiking and travel goodies.

Learn more about the goods in this video:

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