Natural Beauty Essentials: My Favorites

This isn’t my first beauty post on here. In my last round up, I shared my favorite face wash, charcoal mask, sunscreen and CC cream. This time around, I’m sharing my favorite natural beauty essentials. Read the list below and comment with your favorites. I love learning about different natural products!

1. Origins GINZING

Now that winter is over, it’s time for a spring/summer beauty refresh. This gel moisturizer is one of my all time favorites. It goes on light and feels amazing. Plus, the citrusy scent perks me right up. The only thing this gel moisturizer is missing is SPF.

2. Java Jolt Organic Sugar Scrub

I love a good energizing scrub… and I love coffee. This Java Jolt organic sugar scrub from Organic Bath Co. was a freebie at a Kick It By Eliza event. I’ve been using it every couple of weeks to scrub off dry, dead skin and wake up. The sugar scrubs and the essential oils add moisture. 

IMO, this is best used in the mornings — weekend mornings. The scent enlivens your senses and acts like an extra cup of coffee.

3. Rose Face Mask

My favorite face mask is Origins Charcoal Mask, but this one is a close second. This rose face mask by fresh was perfect as we transitioned from winter to spring here in Boston. It’s a great remedy for dry skin and redness. I plan to keep it in my skin care routine through summer, especially when my face needs a moisture boost from hours spent in an air conditioned office.

4. Kiss My Face Moisture Shave

I’m surprised how much I love this product. I don’t usually prioritize buying any kind of shave cream or foam. Instead, I choose to save a few dollars and lather on some hair conditioner or soap. Kiss My Face has a great line of soaps, lotions and shave creams.

A little bit of this product goes a long way. In fact, this bottle lasted me more than 6 months — closer to 9! (This might be because I frequently shower and shave at the gym.) The scent is lovely and pairs good with my lavender body wash and lavender lotion. The pump dispenser helps you control the amount you use — again, a little goes a long way. It lathers nicely and leaves my skin feeling amazingly, silky smooth. Try it out. 

5. Badger Lip Tint

When it comes to putting product on my face, natural is important. I’ve been on the hunt for natural lip products and this tinted Badger lip tint is great. It goes on there are a variety of colors, it goes on easy, and the color lasts for a reasonable amount of time if you aren’t drinking coffee or kissing people. The only complaint I have: It doesn’t smell bad, but it doesn’t smell awesome. It smells… well… natural. 

Give some of these natural beauty products a try, then let me know what your think. If you have go-to natural beauty products. I want to know. Tell me about those below.

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