Kick It By Eliza blogger event + upcoming certification

Fun fact: I was one of the first people to take “Kick It” before it was Kick It By Eliza. A lot of you have heard the story before, but here it is for those of you who haven’t. Before the UMass Amherst Recreation Center opened, there were auditions to become group fitness instructors. Eliza and I shared an audition (where I was there demoing Zumba) and she showed up in a velour Juicy Couture suit and wedge sneakers. My first reaction was, “Who the heck is this curly-haired girl and is she seriously going to teach a fitness class like that?” She did. And, she killed it. Kick It By Eliza was born.

I love being a Kick It By Eliza instructor. The class is challenging and really allows participants to get stronger both physically and mentally. I love seeing the Kick It Crew smile, sweat, push themselves and leave class feeling amazing.

Kick It By Eliza blogger event

Last weekend, Boston bloggers were invited to a special Kick It By Eliza blogger event at the pop up studio in Allston. The energy during class (taught by Eliza) was electric. After class, we enjoyed LUNA bars, some yogurt and sweetgreen salads. Going around in a circle, instructors shared their personal connections to Kick It — how they found it, why they decided to become instructors and what they love most about teaching. Below is the amazing Lily Timlin sharing her personal connection.

For me, I started taking Kick It in college for the physical challenge. I was drawn to the kick *ss workout and the energy from the packed-to-the-brim group fitness room. Class always flies by. To be honest, at first I was hesitant about partner work. I work out for me. I work out to get in the zone. I work out because I need it mentally.

After a few classes of partner work, I started to love it. I realize that I was motivated to go to Kick It to see familiar, smiling faces, connect with powerful women and to partner up. Every Kick It By Eliza instructor has a special story about why they take class and why they decided to team. Instructors, comment below with your story!

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  1. As a former D1 lacrosse player and Assistant Coach I realized a couple of things about myself. (1) Motivation and empowerment was in my blood (2) Being apart of a team was what kept ME moving (3) I can’t sit still. This all became very, very clear to me one day as I sat at my former desk job and read about Eliza Shirazi on BostInno after she had won 50 on Fire!

    I reached out to Eliza expressing my interest in learning more about the class and within the day she responded offering me the opportunity to come to EBF to take a class and then meet after. After I took the class where I made a friend thanks to rounds 6-12 (special shoutout to Ashley Gambee who also is apart of the Kick It Crew) and met with Eliza I left EBF knowing this was what I was missing!

    Last May I became certified as a Kick It By Eliza instructor and since then I have had the opportunity to teach all over Boston and now have a permanent teaching spot at C2 Body in South Boston, MA. My fellow Kick It instructors are some of the greatest teammates I have had and Eliza is the greatest Coach that I have had.

    Kick It By Eliza is a certification like no other. I leave every single class that I teach and take feeling as though there is no stopping me and that is the result of the #fempire.

  2. Well said, Em!

    I, too, found Kick It in its very early stages at UMass! As a college student, I was drawn to Kick It because it was a way to get a good workout in in a short amount of time (like you said). It was one of my only workouts of choice at the time, so I don’t think I truly realized what sets Kick It apart from other group fitness until after college when I entered the “real world”, in my career and in fitness. Once outside the shelter of UMass, I quickly realized that group fitness didn’t mean the same thing for everyone else as it meant for me. I would (and still do) go to different types of classes and attempt to smile at and make eye contact with other people in class, only to be met with downward gazes or people looking over their shoulder like they weren’t sure why this random stranger was smiling at them, it must have been someone behind them. In Kick It, this simply is not the case. The positive vibes are addicting and I knew I had to get involved on a deeper level.

    I got certified to be a Kick It Instructor in the first ever certification in February of 2016. Since then, I have taught countless classes in several locations, and I can definitively say that I have gotten more out of it than any of my class participants. Teaching Kick It has made me a more confident person overall, and made me realize my true passion for bringing this confidence out in others. To have people come up to you after class and tell you that your class made their bad day better, or that Kick It has changed them in some way, is truly invaluable. Another invaluable benefit of being a Kick It Instructor is the amazing group of women (and hopefully soon to be men!) that I have gained as some of my closest friends and amazing network of connections.

    I would not trade my experience as a Kick It Instructor for the world, and am happy to answer any questions about any part of the process!

  3. I became certified to teach Kick It By Eliza in February 2017. I started taking classes during the summer of 2016 when a friend mentioned the class. I had taken cardio kick boxing before and have family members who have taught other kick boxing classes. I always looked up to my dad who was an instructor, and hoped someday to teach a group fitness class. I wasn’t sure what type of class I would teach, as I am by no means a fitness expert and I hadn’t felt truely connected to any specific group fitness class.

    When I took my first Kick It class I was sore for five days! But the energy that Eliza had brought me back. She was bright, motivating and inspiring! I decided to continue to come to classes and took advantage of some of the free summer classes offered at the Chestnut Hill mall. Every time I went back I was greeted with smiles and hugs by people who genuinely cared and made me feel welcomed.

    When I saw that Eliza was putting on a certification course, I thought this was a class I can teach. I had been taking it for a while and felt connected to the movement, community, and felt empowered by every class. I was so nervous to ask Eliza about getting certified, only because of my own self doubt. Her reaction was so reassuring. She was so excited and made sure I got all of the info to sign up.

    During the certification day we did this one exercise that really stuck with me. We chanted phrases like a sports team in a huddle “I AM BEAUTIFUL!” I AM STRONG!” “I AM FIERCE!” For a big part of my life I’ve had a lot of doubt about my ability and fear of judgement. Even though this exercise seems silly, it really brought us together as instructors. I felt a part of something bigger than myself, and it was something positive and empowering.

    Since the certification I’ve taught at Ever Fitness in Somerville and at OnStage Dance Compant in Somerville. I’ve made amazing connections with strong and inspiring women, attended networking events, and I’m sure many more opportunities are coming my way! I am so glad I became a certified Kick It instructor; I gained more than just the ability to teach, I am stronger, more confident, and more connected to my community.