Full camel pose: Benefits and tips

Some of my yoga classes are only 45 minutes. That’s not nearly enough time to explain poses and their benefits in detail. My series of yoga blog posts aims to help you deepen your practice by teaching how to come into the pose. You’ll also learn how the pose benefits your body and mind.

Full camel pose: Benefits and tips

Coming into full camel isn’t always easy because it is a pretty intense back bend. If you have tight quads, tight pectoral muscles or a troublesome spine, the full pose may not be accessible.As always, listen to your body. Just because you did camel pose last week, last year or when you were five, doesn’t mean your body wants to do camel pose today.

Here are some ways to modify camel pose, complements of Yoga Journal. (Oh, and check out the model’s teeki yoga pants and flash tats.)

If you are able to make your way to full camel pose, there are a number of muscle-related benefits:

  • Lengthens the abdomen
  • Opens front line of hips
  • Stretches deep hip flexors (psoas)
  • Stretches ankles
  • Stretches groin muscles
  • Strengthens the back body
  • Opens the chest and stretches pectoral muscles

Other benefits of these stretches include:

  • Stretching the abdomen improves digestion by stimulating organs
  • Dropping the head back and opening the chest improves respiration
  • Stretching the psoas reverses damage done by sitting all day
  • Back-bending in camel pose improves posture and reduces lower back pain

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