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Yoga with weights workout + graphic

A lot of people — like me — start practicing yoga for the physical benefits. They are drawn to the physical challenge or the deep stretch. When I started practicing, I was drawn to sweat-inducing, heated power vinyasa classes because I was seeking something very physical and very challenging.

There’s nothing wrong with that. But, as I practiced more, I realized that it wasn’t the physical aspect that kept me coming back to class, it was the post-yoga bliss, mental clarity and stress relieving aspects. That said, most days I still want something really challenging… which is where hand weights come in.

This month, my Boston Magazine post explains five weighted yoga poses. Head there for detailed instructions for getting into each posture. On this post, download — and share! — my fancy infographic and do this workout at home. Below the graphic, find gifs demonstrating the yoga with weights workout.


Here is each move broken down. Remember: Safety first! If you feel as though a pose isn’t safe for your body, modify or drop the weights and do the arm motion unweighted.

Comment below with any questions/concerns about this yoga with weights routine.

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